Pixel Heaven 2017 ended

Pixel Heaven 2017 ended and we already miss it. We met many old friends and we made new ones. We bring home some great tips and accurate feedback from our players at Pixel. Those days gave us a kick of positive energy and fresh ideas for further work. It was pleasure for us, see you next year

New Jelly on the board!

Here's a pack of Jelly with an increasing amount of contents! The newest member of our team, Character Artist Przemysław Łojek-Szymański deserves a warm welcome!

Pixel Heaven 2017

We invite you to come on May 26th - May 28th to Warsaw “Pixel Heaven 2017. Retro & Indie Gaming Fest vol. 5". Visit our booth, where you will be able to play our game! Hang with us or just drop by for a high five :)

We are developing 303 Squadron: The Game!

The Project Remedium development nears its completion. New challenges are inbound! With great pleasure we reveal the cooperation between Atomic Jelly and Movie Games. We were honored with an opportunity to work on a project that is not only extremely interesting, but also deeply rooted in ...

Kickstarter campaign has ended!

Our Kickstarter campaign has ended. We'd like to thank all the backers and people who shared the news, reviewed and tested the game. You are wonderful, all of you! Now, it's time to implement all the changes. The improved Project Remedium development enters the final stage!

Poznan Game Arena 2016

With a bit of delay, time for a few words about Poznan Game Arena, which was a huge and eventful fair. Great many of people came and a lot of them also visited us. We loved presenting our game and talking with lots of folks - gamers, journalists and old friends. It was joyful to watch people ...

Visit from Hourences

Today, we had a visit from a legend. Not any other but Sjoerd De Jong a.k.a. Hourences dropped by our studio and played our game a bit. We talked, ate dinner together and had a great time. We’re extremely glad for all the tips we got. Good times!

Poznan Game Arena 2016

Poznan Game Arena is big this year. One of the nicest things, of course, are the booths ran by the devs. And it just so happens one of the booths - namely the one no. 6 in the Building 7 - will be occupied by the Atomic Jelly team members. The demo version of Project Remedium will be available ...