Update 1.2.6

Hello Pilots, today we have some new fixes and improvements for the game. We have added a gyro gunsight to the hurricane. Fixed some keybinding bugs, improved runtime detection of joysticks and controllers, added name tags for our ally pilots. We have also made some visual tweaks on airfield ...

It’s been 78 years since the Battle of Britain

Exactly 78 years ago, the largest air battle in history took place. Royal Air Force defended the United Kingdom against large-scale attacks carried out by Nazi Germany’s air force, the Luftwaffe. It has been described as the first major military campaign fought entirely by air forces. The ...

Pilot School: Engine Overheat

The overheating of the Hawker Hurricane engine is a huge problem, especially if you have a few 109 on our tail. Fortunately, there are ways that will help you properly control your machines. Check out our new tutorial and get the necessary knowledge.

Update 1.2.5

We have been working very hard on some fixes and new improvements for 303 Squadron: Battle of Britain. We are happy to announce that the most requested feature – full joystick support has been added to the game. We have also updated killcam locations and wings break off points for Bf 109. Fuel ...

Join our Pilot School

Attention! We are looking for people willing to join our ranks. We do not care about your origin - the most important for us is your enthusiasm and your desire to expand your horizons. Join our Pilot School and master all secrets of piloting the Hawker Hurricane.

Update 1.2.4

Patch 1.2.4 brings a lot of fixes and improvments for the game. Most prominent addition – new lighting and weather effects during missions. The game looks better now and additionally there should be a performance boost due to optimization. It’s still WIP so if you have any addtional ...

Pixel Heaven 2018

Pixel Heaven has ended, thank you all for droping by our stand! It was a pleasure for us to be there for you. We hope you enjoy playing 303 Squadron: Battle of Britain. Thank you for your kind words and tremendous feedback.

Update 1.2.3

We pushed a new patch with some improvements and fixes. Improvement – Improved keybindings UI layout. – Added option to reset keybindings to default. – Added advanced keybinding settings including dead zones and input preview. FIX – Removed unecessary Camera Rotation ...