Patch is LIVE

Update has been made because of a fairly common problem with fatal error at launch. Thanks to the feedback we received from you, we have been able to locate the problem. Have fun in 303. Change log: Fix -Fatal Error fix

Fanmade art

One of our fans created a fantastic video from our game ✈️ 303 Squadron: Battle of Britain ✈️. It's really worth seeing!📽

Atomic Jelly games so far

Creating 303 Squadron: Battle of Britain and Project Remedium was a very educational adventure for us, now we are slowly gathering our ideas for making another fantastic project! What game would you like to be made by the Jelly Team? Our games Creating 303 Squadron: Battle of Britain and ...

Steam Lunar Sale begins

The Steam Lunar Sale begins, and 303 Squadron is up to 50% off! Get your copy here:


Update is now LIVE. It’s another small patch with some tweaks to the BF 110 AI. Check out the changelog below and don't hesitate to share some more precious feedback with us. FIX - Additional Bf110 AI tweaks - Another note blocking morale quest was fixed Cheers, Atomic Jelly


Update is now LIVE on Steam. It’s a small one but it fixes some requested bugs with the BF 110 behavior and a note blocking the morale quest. We really appreciate your feedback on those. You can find a full changelog below. FIX – Behavior of Bf110 not participating in combat ...

Update 1.4.5

Hello Pilots! Patch 1.4.5 is out now and it brings some needed improvements and fixes to the game. From now on your plane won’t be zoomed after the killcam event. We have also fixed the missing pilot cards, so now you can obtain them all just by finishing the morale missions. You have ...

Update 1.4.4

After yesterday’s update, the game had a critical error preventing many of you from launching the game. We manage to find the bug and fix it. We are very sorry for that. If any problems arise, please report them on the Steam Discussion section. FIX We have fixed the critical bug stopping ...

Update 1.4.3

Hello Aviators! Patch 1.4.3 for 303 Squadron: Battle of Britain brings some fixes to AI responsible for collision detection. It will alsow solve a couple of other problems you’ve been reporting to us. You can find a full changelog below. We want to thank you for all your feedback ...

Update 1.4.2

Throughout the last weeks we have been working very hard on the update 1.4.2. New patch brings some needed improvements. Spitfire is now available in the custom mission. We have implemented some cool new loading screens for bigger immersion. There are some new visuals, new option menu for the ...