Debt Collector Simulator coming soon!

Debt Collector Simulator coming soon!

Play the role of a debt collector who tries to recover debts from his creditors quite “unconventional” but still lawful methods.

Become a debt collector and do everything to pursue those who owe money to the bank. People are very clever, and they think they will outsmart you and avoid debt repayment. They can’t be more wrong. Be firm and ruthless, use all the technological novelties available to you to detect their hidden property. If you manage to confiscate it, just set up an auction, show all the goods to your potential buyers and make profit. Patience is the key to success.

I got you! I got you!
Debtors will do absolutely everything to avoid the consequences of not paying their debts. Using your cleverness and technology, track down their hidden assets and confiscate anything that can be sold at a profit.

Yes, this property is for sale
After the confiscation of the property, organize an “”open door”” during which potential customers will be able check the house and possibly decide to buy it.

Organize auctions and set prices for confiscated items, sell them to the highest bidder.

The art of negotiation
Sometimes it is worth trying less invasive methods of recovering money, such as persuasion. Push the debtors a little harder, maybe they will break and pay back the missing amount themselves.

Key Features:

  • Spy on debtors in search of their property
  • Organize auctions
  • Determine the value of items
  • Track down people who owe money from overdue bills
  • Negotiate payment

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