Debt Collector Simulator coming soon!

Play the role of a debt collector who tries to recover debts from his creditors quite “unconventional” but still lawful methods. Become a debt collector and do everything to pursue those who owe money to the bank. People are very clever, and they think they will outsmart you and ...

Would you join me at the counter nr 1, please. Shopkeeper is coming soon!

In Shopkeeper you will need to arrange, set up, order, settle and keep an eye on everything so your store is always the first choice for the local residents, who just want to do some quick shopping. Plan your products placement on the shelves, consistently implement sales plans, watch out for ...

Handyman is our next game

Handyman is a game in which you play the role of a skilled handyman trying to earn a big fortune using his great talent to repair everything. You have decided to make a living out of your outstanding talent to repair everything that falls into your hands. Search for the most lucrative jobs, ...

Happy Women’s Day

Happy Women's Day to all the incredible women! Shine on.... Not just today but everyday!

Atomic Jelly games so far

Creating 303 Squadron: Battle of Britain and Project Remedium was a very educational adventure for us, now we are slowly gathering our ideas for making another fantastic project! What game would you like to be made by the Jelly Team? Our games Creating 303 Squadron: Battle of Britain and ...

Happy Valentines Day

May your life be filled with the gifts of love on this year’s Valentine and may the charm of love stay with you forever. Happy valentine’s day. Atomic Jelly Team

Steam Lunar Sale begins

The Steam Lunar Sale begins, and 303 Squadron is up to 50% off! Get your copy here: