Available NOW!

Project Remedium, available NOW! Come on, don’t let those pathogens win! Steam: https://goo.gl/njr0wL Update 1.01! The updated version of the game is now released. The game start crash issue is now eliminated. We also fixed: – Black Screen issue – 2nd Boss Fight balance issues ...

Language versions

Project Remedium is fully voiced-over in English, but players can choose the language of all the subtitles and texts. There are 8 language versions in total! Aside from the English version, the game will arrive with Polish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Chinese translations.

Our publisher

With great pleasure we would like to announce that PlayWay S.A. became our official publisher. Due to huge experience and knowledge of our partner, we now acquired new, great possibilities and we will do our best to use them well and not disappoint the trust we were given. www.playway.com