New release date

Sometimes a nano-scaled change can make a difference, so we have decided to move the Project Remedium release date by a week. The new and final release date is August 21. This will help our small team to tie the loose ends and allow us deliver a better, more polished game to you! Add to ...

The Steam page

Check out our Steam page for Project Remedium. Be sure to mark this as your prime target and add the game to your Steam Wishlist!

Release date for PR

We are happy to announce the release date for Project Remedium! Get prepared for pathogen killing and patient healing, because the game will debut on Steam on Aug. 14! Meanwhile, be sure to add the game to your Steam Wishlist and don’t forget to share the news with your friends! Add to ...

Pixel Heaven 2017 ended

Pixel Heaven 2017 ended and we already miss it. We met many old friends and we made new ones. We bring home some great tips and accurate feedback from our players at Pixel. Those days gave us a kick of positive energy and fresh ideas for further work. It was pleasure for us, see you next year

Kickstarter campaign has ended!

Our Kickstarter campaign has ended. We'd like to thank all the backers and people who shared the news, reviewed and tested the game. You are wonderful, all of you! Now, it's time to implement all the changes. The improved Project Remedium development enters the final stage!

Poznan Game Arena 2016

Poznan Game Arena is big this year. One of the nicest things, of course, are the booths ran by the devs. And it just so happens one of the booths - namely the one no. 6 in the Building 7 - will be occupied by the Atomic Jelly team members. The demo version of Project Remedium will be available ...

After Gamescom

After Gamescom, we go back to full fledged polishing of Project Remedium. So many great games presented in Cologne! We are glad our tiny poster and game’s presentation was right  in the middle of all this, waiting for you. We got nice feedback from the visitors, which makes us happy. ...

Gamescom 2016

While we are occupied polishing our game, we remember to show a bit of our work and what better occasion is there than the biggest gaming event in Europe? Among other great displays of game dev prowess, a Project Remedium booth will be there to remind everyone about Atomic Jelly’s dedication.

Project Remedium – Trailer

‘Remedium’, latin: re- + medērī, to heal. Project Remedium is a first person action-shooter driven by story and desire to heal… using unconventional methods. As Nano+, a slightly modified nanobot, players will fight, tend tissue damage and deal with minor twists of fate. We’re excited to ...


Before all the other fancy generations and sub-types of nanobots spreaded through the Patient’s organism, the original bots first attempted the healing mission. Micro-surgeons and supervisors, they unfortunately failed and got all but extinct. All but one representative of the latter ...