Project Remedium

The first project by Atomic Jelly is coming! This action-adventure FPP shooter about tiny robot’s big trouble, is set in not-so-typical environment and even weirder circumstances. Scheduled for Q3 2016, it uses an Unreal Engine 4, a framework delivering astonishing possibilites.

When a casual medical intervention reveals major health complications that end up really bad, it is up to the steadfast nanobots to fix all the mess… and discover, why everything failed in the first place.


  • exploration of human body
  • story-driven action-shooter
  • action withing a human body, to save a little girl
  • six organs to heal
  • bloodstream as communication routes
  • organs destroyed not only by an illness and the pathogens, but also by many malfunctioning nanobots
  • some nanobots from the older generation tried to heal using weird methods, erecting structures that were meant to support failing organs
  • other nanobots malfunctioned and try to kill the patient
  • many illnesses shown part medically, part metaphorically for improving the storyline and gameplay
  • we meet not only the enemies, but also many possible allies that need our help with fulfilling tasks
  • the protagonist is Nano+; his mentor is SuperVisette, experienced nanobot from the eldest generation



  • exploring
  • hidden places allowing to speed up the healing
  • many objects to pickup and gather
  • upgradeable weapons
    – one for destruction (medical laser)
    – other for healing, but dangerous for pathogens (medicine sprayer)
  • skill tree for protagonist and upgrade tree for weapons
  • grapnel allowing quick getaways and comfortable traveling
  • crafting of substances for healing and improving protagonist’s capabilities
  • various tasks based on healing and pathogen elimination
  • necessity for caution during fight to avoid collateral organ damage

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