Available NOW!

Available NOW!

Project Remedium, available NOW! Come on, don’t let those pathogens win!
Steam: https://goo.gl/njr0wL

Update 1.01!

The updated version of the game is now released. The game start crash issue is now eliminated.

We also fixed:
– Black Screen issue
– 2nd Boss Fight balance issues
– possibly game breaking error in Stomach’s “Toxic Composition” task
– several minor issues

Update 1.02!

The updated version of the game is now released.

We fixed:
– localization problems
– cutscenes playback issue
– minor issues

Update 1.03!

The new, updated version of the game is now released.

We fixed:
– “Sister of Mercy” task bugs
– Quest NPC animation
– dialogue lines for Systolero Buckaroo
– minor task bugs and interaction issues
– cutscene problems
– other minor issues

Update 1.04!

The new, updated version of the game is now released.

We fixed:
– Quick Visit in Kidneys problems in “Model Rhytm” task
– Quick Visit in Kidneys game load issue
– Map Data Tab keyboard input error
– several missing animations + ragdoll model errors
– near invincible or levitating Microbe Colonies
– erroneous Task indicators
– morbs shooting through some of the conveyors in Liver
– other minor issues

Update 1.05!

Another upgrade with new fixes and improvements is out.

We fixed:
– “No Kicks” taskpickup error
– “Model Rhytm Kidneys” part viceover bug
– fixed the Microbe Colony erroneous spawn bug
– difficulty level of heart’s Boss fight and visibility of “dynamite” thrown during the battle
– UI issues with tooltips and Molecule names
– other minor issues

We also added temporary InfoLogs to clearly explain using the leveling up and unlocking/upgrading/selecting weapons.

Update 1.06!

Another upgrade with more fixes and improvements!

We fixed:
– erroneous task elements in Kidneys
– minigame issues in “Heresy” task
– Kidneys Bossfight
– UI (cutscene subtitles)
– UI (tootltips)
– InfoLog readability
– other minor issues

We also:
– added a key binding map for convenient recognition of controls in game (t activates on start of Liver level)
– added new opponent classes (Zealots and Systoleros)
– shortened the Bloodstream travel as well
– updated the Singularity effect’s ignored enemy count
– improved the Nandead jumps

Update 1.07!

We worked all day and all night to bring you updated version of the game.

We fixed:
– liable Quest System elements
– picking the wings for the JetBot
– “Spirits of the Ancestors” task blocker
– interaction problems with various objects (“Sister of Mercy”, “Heresy”)
– dialogue sequence & unusuable Remedium Interface in “Day of the Dead” task
– Remedium Interface widgets
– Kidneys Bossfight & Brain Bossfight (mechanics and visuals)
– NPC movement in “Pinned Down” task
– Characters in Brain
– Credits & missing cutscenes
– UI (menu, icons, key bindings for keyboard and mouse)
– undesired pause on InfoLog closing
– Nerve minigame

Update 1.08!

Another update.

We fixed:
– “Judgement Day” task indicator.
– malfunctioning doors in Kidneys at the final Kidneys task
– Remedium Interface collision issue
– Credits malfunction

Update 1.09!

We upgraded the game again.

We fixed:
– visual effect (post process) on Kidneys
– key shortcuts for Player Menu
– proper display of Neuron indicators and displaying the widget for player camera
– localization issues

We added:
– proper indicators displayed for neuron
– new UI system that works with news and infologs
– NanoVision and DoF for Brain

Update 1.10!

We upgraded a lot and fixed errors.

– quick visit in Stomach issues in “Fluence Influence” task

– pathfinding for NPCs in “Cattle Boy” task
– Lung non-quest Morb spawner behavior
– UI scaling
– UI – object and NPC interaction
– UI – Data and Weapon tabs in Player Menu – new looks! (the rest will be upgraded shortly)
– Localization, including tooltips for Weapon Unlock/Upgrades

Update 1.11!

We upgraded the game and fixed errors.

– “Statesbot’s Predicament” task blocker for German players
– Voiceover problems
– levitating objects in Lungs
– wrong quest indicators in Lungs
– added missing cutscenes

– brand new Skills tab in Player Menu
– translations of various elements

Update 1.12!

– indicators not disappearing after “Something Has Grown” task stage
– opponents getting stuck in collision on Heart
– mines positioning in “Pinned Down” task
– several quest-related issues in Lungs
– Final Boss levelling issue
– text blocks vanishing issue during dialogs
– chain reactions for Scatter and Chain weapon modes
– Notes system unlocked status issue after reloading the game

– UI – Little Pharma tab updated to new looks
– new “map” for Brain
– now, shot down homing morb projectiles damage morbs in the detonation range

Update 1.13!
We upgraded the game and fixed errors.

– “Botsent” task waves fight + morb spawners + Morbicidal Contraption mechanics
– “Botsent” task Messenger NPC’s talk
– other fixes for Lungs
– loading dialog state for Brain stage of the game

– Lungs task-related spawner functions
– UI: visual upodate of the tooltips

We also developed additional tools to quickly resolve any task-related problems.

Update 1.14!
We fixed errors.

– “Fluence Influence” task issues (+additional anti-blocker precautions for the task)
– Remedium Mine interaction widget hiding issue
– weapons locked after 3 wrong QuizBot answers issue
– final Boss Battle crash issue when Boss is hit with upgraded Scatter M.E.C.
– saving of the last used weapon mode state issue
– activation of the InfoLogs issue

Update 1.14a!
We made a small update to fix a critical bug of game crashing while the target morb had temporalily disabled AI and was receiving damage (which happened during using upgraded Chain mode of the A.R.S. – the Singularity upgrade).


We still work hard to eliminate any problems. Thank you for feedback, friends!
AJ Team