Project Remedium Available NOW!

Project Remedium, available NOW! Come on, don’t let those pathogens win!

Update 1.01!

The updated version of the game is now released. The game start crash issue is now eliminated.

We also fixed:
– Black Screen issue
– 2nd Boss Fight balance issues
– possibly game breaking error in Stomach’s “Toxic Composition” task
– several minor issues

Update 1.02!

The updated version of the game is now released.

We fixed:
– localization problems
– cutscenes playback issue
– minor issues

Update 1.03!

The new, updated version of the game is now released.

We fixed:
– “Sister of Mercy” task bugs
– Quest NPC animation
– dialogue lines for Systolero Buckaroo
– minor task bugs and interaction issues
– cutscene problems
– other minor issues

Update 1.04!

The new, updated version of the game is now released.

We fixed:
– Quick Visit in Kidneys problems in “Model Rhytm” task
– Quick Visit in Kidneys game load issue
– Map Data Tab keyboard input error
– several missing animations + ragdoll model errors
– near invincible or levitating Microbe Colonies
– erroneous Task indicators
– morbs shooting through some of the conveyors in Liver
– other minor issues

Update 1.05!

Another upgrade with new fixes and improvements is out.

We fixed:
– “No Kicks” taskpickup error
– “Model Rhytm Kidneys” part viceover bug
– fixed the Microbe Colony erroneous spawn bug
– difficulty level of heart’s Boss fight and visibility of “dynamite” thrown during the battle
– UI issues with tooltips and Molecule names
– other minor issues

We also added temporary InfoLogs to clearly explain using the leveling up and unlocking/upgrading/selecting weapons.

Update 1.06!

Another upgrade with more fixes and improvements!

We fixed:
– erroneous task elements in Kidneys
– minigame issues in “Heresy” task
– Kidneys Bossfight
– UI (cutscene subtitles)
– UI (tootltips)
– InfoLog readability
– other minor issues

We also:
– added a key binding map for convenient recognition of controls in game (t activates on start of Liver level)
– added new opponent classes (Zealots and Systoleros)
– shortened the Bloodstream travel as well
– updated the Singularity effect’s ignored enemy count
– improved the Nandead jumps

Update 1.07!

We worked all day and all night to bring you updated version of the game.

We fixed:
– liable Quest System elements
– picking the wings for the JetBot
– “Spirits of the Ancestors” task blocker
– interaction problems with various objects (“Sister of Mercy”, “Heresy”)
– dialogue sequence & unusable Remedium Interface in “Day of the Dead” task
– Remedium Interface widgets
– Kidneys Bossfight & Brain Bossfight (mechanics and visuals)
– NPC movement in “Pinned Down” task
– Characters in Brain
– Credits & missing cutscenes
– UI (menu, icons, key bindings for keyboard and mouse)
– undesired pause on InfoLog closing
– Nerve minigame

Update 1.08!

Another update.

We fixed:
– “Judgement Day” task indicator.
– malfunctioning doors in Kidneys at the final Kidneys task
– Remedium Interface collision issue
– Credits malfunction

Update 1.09!

We upgraded the game again.

We fixed:
– visual effect (post process) on Kidneys
– key shortcuts for Player Menu
– proper display of Neuron indicators and displaying the widget for player camera
– localization issues

We added:
– proper indicators displayed for neuron
– new UI system that works with news and infologs
– NanoVision and DoF for Brain

Update 1.10!

We upgraded a lot and fixed errors.

– quick visit in Stomach issues in “Fluence Influence” task

– pathfinding for NPCs in “Cattle Boy” task
– Lung non-quest Morb spawner behavior
– UI scaling
– UI – object and NPC interaction
– UI – Data and Weapon tabs in Player Menu – new looks! (the rest will be upgraded shortly)
– Localization, including tooltips for Weapon Unlock/Upgrades

Update 1.11!

We upgraded the game and fixed errors.

– “Statesbot’s Predicament” task blocker for German players
– Voice-over problems
– levitating objects in Lungs
– wrong quest indicators in Lungs
– added missing cutscenes

– brand-new Skills tab in Player Menu
– translations of various elements

Update 1.12!

– indicators not disappearing after “Something Has Grown” task stage
– opponents getting stuck in collision on Heart
– mines positioning in “Pinned Down” task
– several quest-related issues in Lungs
– Final Boss levelling issue
– text blocks vanishing issue during dialogs
– chain reactions for Scatter and Chain weapon modes
– Notes system unlocked status issue after reloading the game

– UI – Little Pharma tab updated to new looks
– new “map” for Brain
– now, shot down homing morb projectiles damage morbs in the detonation range

Update 1.13!
We upgraded the game and fixed errors.

– “Botsent” task waves fight + morb spawners + Morbicidal Contraption mechanics
– “Botsent” task Messenger NPC’s talk
– other fixes for Lungs
– loading dialog state for Brain stage of the game

– Lungs task-related spawner functions
– UI: visual update of the tooltips

We also developed additional tools to quickly resolve any task-related problems.

Update 1.14!
We fixed errors.

– “Fluence Influence” task issues (+additional anti-blocker precautions for the task)
– Remedium Mine interaction widget hiding issue
– weapons locked after 3 wrong QuizBot answers issue
– final Boss Battle crash issue when Boss is hit with upgraded Scatter M.E.C.
– saving of the last used weapon mode state issue
– activation of the InfoLogs issue

Update 1.14a!
We made a small update to fix a critical bug of game crashing while the target morb had temporarily disabled AI and was receiving damage (which happened during using upgraded Chain mode of the A.R.S. – the Singularity upgrade).


We still work hard to eliminate any problems. Thank you for feedback, friends!
AJ Team