Train Mechanic Simulator 2024 Developer Update #6

Hey Train Mechanics!

Here’s the latest developer update on the progress of Train Mechanic Simulator 2024. We’ve made significant strides in enhancing both visual fidelity and interactive elements within the game.

Final touches on the steam locomotive

We’ve added more exterior details to the steam locomotive, alongside fully modeled internal components such as the boiler, superheater, firebox, and ashpan. Simulation now allows players to perform coal loading, firing, airflow management, water level control and steam production. We’re currently integrating gauges and indicator to create a sense of being inside a real locomotive with a real boiler right in front of you. The locomotive’s cabin is now fully interactive, allowing players to operate valves, levers, doors, windows and even lockers with a very immersive, hands-on approach.

Continued work on environment

Additionally, the metalworks building texturing is now complete. We’ve also worked on acoustics, making sound behave differently outdoors and indoors. We also made sure that nature sounds are subdued when inside buildings for even more immersive connection to the game world. All along the way, little details are being added, such the first version of background scenery, stars that will be visible during the night and even the Moon travelling across the sky as time passes.

Quality of life

Work is well underway on performance optimizations, but we’re also adding small quality of life features to make sure gameplay is smooth and enjoyable. You will be able to zoom every camera a little if you need to get a better or more detailed view, and you will be able to ask the game to show you a marker where you left the winch or any other part of movable equipment.

Stay tuned as we continue to refine Train Mechanic Simulator 2024, striving to deliver an immersive and true-to-life simulation environment. Your feedback and support are invaluable as we navigate through these development stages.

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