303 Squadron: Battle of Britain Update 1.2.1

We have just released a new updated with some critical fixes. Thanks to your feedback, we were able to improve and repair the following elements :

– Updated player input including mouse and other inputs axis inversion
– Added new VO to kill cam and death event
– Added new keybinding widget layout
– Added new VO to bicycle interaction
– Small damage and collision detection improvement
– Added engine to Bf110 and Do17 during kill cam

– Fixed issues with throttle at mission start.
– Fixed mouse pitch input overriding other inputs in realistic mode.
– Crash at mechanic(which occurred during exit of second mechanic activation)
– Proper material on Bf109 wing during kill cam
– AI planes are no longer flying out of player reach during “For your freedom and ours” mission
– Deactivating propeller rotation and disabling engine sound upon plane crash
– Updated location of Bf110 guns during kill cam
– Proper management of loop in music tracks
– Disabling sfx’s during map loading
– NPC’s now look at player at start of conversation straight away
– Configured keybinding sensitivity
– Added missing translations

INFO – Old Controllers Support
Most new controllers support the XInput standard by imitating Xbox pads.. Old ones don’t support Xinput, instead, they use HID standard, which can be anything that sends any information in any form. Supporting the HID standard is a thicker case because it is not as standardized as Xinput. We are working to fix that issue and add full HID controllers support in the next few patches. 303 Squadron currently supports controllers that have XInput, we are still working on adding those with HID standard.

Thank you all for useful feedback.
AJ Team