303 Squadron: Battle of Britain Update 2.0.1 is out!

Hello Pilots!

Thanks to your feedback, we have decided to prepare a few more minor and major improvements to 303 Squadron such as a new FOV slider. Thank you for your support, and we are happy to hear that the long-awaited patch 2.0 has met your expectations.

Change log:

– We have added an FOV slider for the aerial combat


– Fixed some more typos
– Notes in Russian, sometimes displayed incorrectly
– We have tweaked light reflections
– Improved the minimap optimization
– Optimization related to various devices
– Collision on the map of London


– Fixed AI logic that allowed planes to fly too fast
– Removed a few levitating objects on the airfield map
– Fixed multiple places where the player’s character could get stuck permanently
– Fixed multiple issues with objects popping in on player’s sight

Enjoy your flights!
Atomic Jelly Team