Train Mechanic Simulator 2024 Developer Update #5

Hey Train Mechanics!

Train Mechanic Simulator 2024 new developer post is here. We report on the progress of the last month development.

Continued work on environment

We keep working on the yard environment all the time. New objects are being added, and existing ones are being updated. This month, we have replaced our old placeholder water pump with a brand-new model. Also, the last major building in the yard is closer to completion. This is the metalwork building where more serious work will be done.

Continued Work on BR52 Locomotive

We’re very close to finishing the BR52 locomotive now. More exterior details have been added, cabin have been remodeled and work on cabin interior is now in progress. At the same time, there is ongoing work on bringing all new parts to life. You will be able to open doors, windows, lockers, operate the controls and even open and close water tank flaps on the tender. Doors also have inertia, so movement of the locomotive can cause the door to slam shut or open if it wasn’t locked.

New interactions

It’s not just the door or cabin controls that are interactive. This month, we have also added brake hose connections between locomotives. This will allow us to implement a more realistic brake system and complete your experience of handling locomotives. While this game is not focused on simulating and driving trains, we believe it’s still important to have all the basic systems in place to create more meaning and immersion of every activity.

Performance Optimizations

With the progress on models and more details being added, the work has begun on performance optimizations. The locomotive has thousands of parts already, and we want to make sure the game can run comfortably. We know how important performance is for the overall game experience, so we want to make sure this aspect is taken care of before the game is released.

Walkable ladders

This month, we have also added walkable ladders. You can now seamlessly climb from outside into the cabin of a locomotive, or just walk the outside of a locomotive to get to some components.
This also adds some exploration aspect to the building, as you can climb to the top of the chimney and enjoy the view.

As always, your feedback has been instrumental in making Train Mechanic Simulator 2024. We appreciate your support. Your input is invaluable, so keep those suggestions coming on!

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