303 Squadron: Battle of Britain Update 2.0 is here!

Hello Pilots!

After months of hard work, Update 2.0 for 303 Squadron: Battle of Britain is finally here. Listening to your feedback, we realized that in most cases we can make some solid improvements. We’ve decided to eliminate most of the issues to some extent and added some new features that will drastically affect the experience of our game. We managed to find some time and the result of our work is a completely revamped map of London. The quality level has improved a lot, the optimization is better, the AI more refined, the UI slightly improved. All this is done for you to have more fun in 303. That’s not all! That’s not all! A shooting range has been added to the airport, where you will be able to practice shooting at targets and unlock several upgrades to your aircraft and the air combat itself.

Change log:


– Brand-new revamped map of London
– We have added a shooting range to the airfield, including:
1) Scoreboard
2) New achievements have been added for you to unlock
3) Various shooting targets, including moving ones
4) Four shooting stations
5) New unlockable parts only obtainable from the shooting range
6) We have added new perks obtainable from the shooting range
– New perks increases combat capability during missions
– We have added new dialogues
– We have added new voice-overs


– FPS drastically improved on the map of London
– We have improved materials on the revamped map of London
– We have significantly improved performance on the map of London
– We have improved lighting on the revamped map of London
– Reduced number of collision checks after plane crashes on “new” map of London
– We have improved collision handling
– We have updated Hurricane’s AI logic for better target selection
– We have updated the balance of Hawker Hurricane projectile damage once again
– We have improved all aircraft AI’s in custom missions
– We have updated NPC’s location on airfield
– We have added missing textures and mesh on the airfield
– LOD optimization on airfield
– We improved the lighting on the airfield
– We have improved the fuel consumption parameters
– We have improved the kill cam
– Improvements in textures rendering
– Improved foliage visuals on the airfield
– Improved stability and performance of the engine and the rendering engine
– Memory optimizations and memory management improvements in various systems
– Various other stability and performance improvements
– Character optimizations at the airfield
– We have improved the appearance of notes at the airfield
– We have tweaked game pad controls
– We have made some small UI improvements
– Improved mini map and target markers performance
– Improvements to the flight mission HUD


– Fixed not obtainable achievements bug
– Tweaked AI logic that allowed planes to fly too far away from combat
– Fixed unnecessary target overwriting in mission scenarios due to improved AI logic
– Fixed some more typos
– Removed several levitating objects on the airfield map
– Minor mesh placement tweaks
– We have eliminated a bug that could corrupt your saves
– Fixed an issue where audio could duplicate
– Fixed an issue where NPC animation could desynchronize
– Player cannot get stuck in the trees anymore
– Music coming out of the turntable is more realistic now
– Fixed errors related to the course of air missions scenarios
– “Sleeping” Zumbach during start animation bug is fixed
– We have fixed more bugs causing critical errors during the gameplay

We encourage you to fire up the game once more and check the changes yourself!

Atomic Jelly Team