Battle of Britain will have a small delay – so please hold your Hurricanes for a little bit longer

Dear Pilots,

Before the Battle starts for real we want to be 100% sure that all off our troops are best prepared for this difficult mission. We have conducted numerous tests and, like real commanders, we don’t want our Squadron to fight unequipped.

Therefore, after a long discussion about our current status, we have concluded that it will be best to delay the launch one last time in order to make the game even better. We know that you have been limbering up the engines for a while, but please, let us polish each element and tighten each bolt. We are moving the release day of the Early Access to May 24th.

Even though this is going to be the Early Access version, we would like you to take off in the best possible style. Hopefully you will understand us and use the last deposits of your patience on the way to the first battle!

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

Atomic Jelly Team