Our CEO Bartosz Rakowski was asked by Rzeczpospolita newspaper to comment on the hottest gaming premiere of this year – CyberPunk 2077.

No wonder that investors keep their fingers crossed for the success of the new game. And not only them. It is rare for companies to keep their fingers crossed for the success of their competitors. In the case of “Cyberpunk” it is so. Reason? – All Polish studios will strongly benefit from the success of “Cyberpunk” in the future. (similarly to what happened after the success of “The Witcher”), through increased interest in the whole industry,”

Atomic Jelly CEO Bartosz Rakowski.

He also shared his opinion with Parkiet – a special supplement to the Rzeczpospolita newspaper.

As a game developer I’m not surprised by the difficult decisions to postpone the release dates several times. Such a huge undertaking is full of traps and new challenges, and the release can only take place once and must be the best possible. Especially when we talk about a groundbreaking and revolutionary game like C2077.

Atomic Jelly CEO Bartosz Rakowski