Rally Mechanic Simulator Announcement

We would like to introduce you to our latest project, which we are starting to work on called Rally Mechanic Simulator. Take your opportunity as a real Rally Mechanic. Overcome all the obstacles that the reckless racers throw at you – including unrepealable parts, time limitations, and more. Take good care of your rally cars so that on the next special they will perform as good as if they came out of the factory.

Here’s some more about the game.

Rally Mechanic Simulator will challenge your skills to the limit. Adverse weather conditions, completely destroyed rally cars, a short time limit, or just lack of spare parts are just the beginning of the iceberg. Your goal? To prepare your driver’s rally so that he can reach the finish line without any major surprises. You must be creative to fit in with our team. Can you handle it?

Where is a will there is the way
A rally mechanic is someone who can handle time pressure and is able to turn a complete wreck into something that will drive and win a special stage without falling apart. Your goal is to keep your rally in good shape.

Tools are as important as creativity
Creativity and the right tools will help you accomplish the impossible. Always remember to take them all with you. Glass replacement? Not a problem. Bumper repair? Piece of cake!

Your workshop is your kingdom
Take advantage of the fact that you have a well-stocked workshop with several useful tools: jacks, compressors, welders, zip ties, etc. With success comes money and with it, you will be able to not only upgrade your tools but also buy new ones. Tune your car or even change its appearance to be more recognizable on the road.

It’s not just a random car, it’s a rally car
As a reminder, you are dealing with a rally car that is different from regular cars, so it has a lot of extra features that you need to keep an eye on.


  • Realistic rally car models with lots of interaction
  • Equipped field workshop to make repairs
  • Extensive economic system
  • Advanced character development system
  • Realistic graphics
  • An interesting story
  • Advanced car appearance personalization system
  • Champion mode in which you make repairs on time
  • Extensive tuning options for car parameters
  • Many achievements to unlock
  • Ranking of the best mechanics