Space Mechanic Simulator Developer Insights #24

Hello, Space Mechanics!

We have some fresh new information about Space Mechanic Simulator development progress to share. We have made huge progress with the new UI.

It was completely rebuilt to better reflect the atmosphere of the game. What you can see above is by no means a final version. We are constantly thinking about changes that will affect you even more. We want the whole thing to be clear and understandable to everyone. Soon we will be able to show more UI.


We would also like to share with you another gameplay with the extensive mechanisms you will be working on in the game. There is a lot of variety, everyone will find something for themselves!

We’d like to thank everyone once more for supporting us and sharing your feedback on our forums, social networks. Remember that all the recordings, screenshots shown above are from a WIP build they don’t reflect the final version of the game.

That is it for today.
See you next time!