Space Mechanic Simulator Developer Insights #50

Hello Space Mechanics!

We have some new information about Space Mechanic Simulator development progress from the last weeks. The work is very intensive, we are doing our best to deliver the prologue to your hands as soon as possible.

Due to the sizable changes to the rover missions, we focused on simplifying the code and removing unnecessary parts that sometimes caused problems. Everything is done so that you don’t run into major bugs.

Apart from that, the whole team focused on testing in order to catch minor bugs and check all newly implemented elements. There are quite a few missions, so it was quite a lot of work too, but that’s good because we were able to locate some smaller issues.

Furthermore, we’d like to thank everyone once more for supporting us and sharing your feedback on our forums, social networks. Remember that all the videos, screenshots shown above are from a WIP build, they don’t reflect the final version of the game.

Remember to check out the Prologue Steam Page!

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