Space Mechanic Simulator Developer Insights #7

Hello Again Space Mechanics!

Today we have another Space Mechanic Simulator Developer Insights for you. Number 7 will share some more information about the drone. But first, let’s check out another video showcasing new things.

More explosions and a demonstration of what you’re going to face in the game. Asteroids flying at dizzying speeds can be a big problem.

The drone will be very helpful in diagnosing damaged components. It will be necessary for most missions. To perform a scan, simply click on the area of your choice and it will automatically fly to the designated area. Simple, but very useful.

As always we encourage you to actively comment and share your feedback with us. Remember that all the recordings, screenshots shown above are from a WIP build they don’t reflect the final version of the game.

We hope you’re in good health, despite the pandemic spreading all over the world. Remember to wash your hands as often as you can. Follow the instructions, support your families and be fair to others.

That is it for today.
Stay safe!