Space Mechanic Simulator Developer Insights #80

Hello Space Mechanics!

Welcome to the next Space Mechanic Simulator Developer Insights. In today’s entry, we want to cover our work on the full version and the Prologue.

Where’s update 1.2.8?

It’s already practically finished, we have spent some more time polishing the system and making some improvements. We want to be 101% sure that everything will work the way we set it up-must be simple and intuitive. The key setting options window has been completely revamped, we are sure you will like it, and You will use it with ease.


In the last post we shared information about the preparation of locations today we want to share them with you. We worked hard on their visual aspect.

As always, we’d like to thank everyone once more for supporting us and sharing your feedback on our forums, social networks. We worked hard on their visual aspect. We are sure you will find places where you will suspend your eye for the surrounding scenery! Our space is a beautiful place.

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Thank you for your support!
Atomic Jelly