Space Mechanic Simulator: Prologue Announcement

We are very excited to share with you the announcement of the Space Mechanic Simulator Prologue! The project allows players to experience a substitute for that full version of Space Mechanic Simulator. Don’t treat it like a demo – it’s a standalone short game showcasing what can you expect from the full release.

We are currently fine-tuning the mechanics of the game. We are also working with testers to achieve the best possible final result. We hope that all introduced changes will make the gameplay even more exciting. We hope that presenting the prologue card will allow our game to reach a new audience – CEO Bartosz Rakowski.

About Space Mechanic Simulator: Prologue


Space Mechanic Simulator: Prologue allows you to experience the events taking place before the story of the main campaign in which you will be able to learn the basic mechanics. Discover game world and the rules that govern AstrOpticon Corp. Find out how difficult it is to repair in zero gravity.

As a rising star of AstrOpticon Corporation, you will learn all the secrets of space mechanic’s craft. You will learn how to deal with difficult situations in space, how to manage your resources well, how to use your inventory, and how dangerous it can be to make difficult repairs in zero gravity.

Space Mechanic Simulator: Prologue is an introduction to a world where you will have to face many problems, look for a solution, and thus achieve the impossible. All spiced up with a compelling story. The action of the Prologue takes place on the orbits of Earth and Mars.

Player’s task during each mission is to locate the damaged part. In order to do this, you will have to locate the fault using your special scanner, then unscrew the cover, disconnect the cables and get to the desired item. The next step will be to print a new part using your high-tech printer and replace it with an efficient copy, assemble the whole to the initial state.

Gameplay is facilitated by special indicators, with which you can interact. During the tasks performed in a weightless state, you will take on the role of a space mechanic, moving around the stations that have some malfunctions while managing your oxygen and battery level.

Space Mechanic Simulator has a demanding single-player campaign in which You will receive more and more complex missions from the AstrOpticon HQ to your interactive HUB where you will be able to monitor and control the entire course of the game, including your inventory.

If you want to know the further fate of your favorite space mechanic check out the full version of the game.