Space Mechanic Simulator Update 1.2.1

Hello Space Mechanics!

While not introducing any new content, 1.2.1 patch brings quality of life features and bug fixes to make your job in space more pleasant. We worked very hard on translation improvements, fixed some minor graphical bugs. We added illumination to the tools and eliminated the problem of the system cursor appearing during maneuvers in space. You will also find that our tools have been upgraded with slightly fluorescent paint for button markings. To make matters even better, we managed to upgrade the optics of your IR Cameras. They’re now capable of measuring objects regardless of distance, including planets and distant galaxies.

Full patch notes:

– Updated infrared rendering, including background objects
– Fixed issue with infrared rendering, causing some heat sources not being visible
– Fixed issue with simulation not reacting properly to blocked or leaking pipes
– Fixed issue showing training missions as available in some cases when player already had given license
– Changed training pricing policy – repeating a training mission is now free of charge
– Fixed issues with gamepad control of trade sliders
– Added configuration options to trade sliders
– Separated new campaign panel from load game panel in main menu and moved difficulty selection to popup panel
– Astronaut tool screens now emit light and markings on buttons are slightly fluorescent, never fading entirely to black
– Fixed behavior of “Game over” screen
– Fixed a small glitch in Mars sky seen from surface
– Fixed bug allowing player to attach part from inventory onto already attached part in the setting
– Hiding mouse cursor when looking around
– Updated descriptions of various license levels

Known issues
– Some logos on objects have unwanted bloom

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Have fun,
Atomic Jelly