Space Mechanic Simulator Update 1.3

Hello Space Mechanics!

AstrOpticon technicians worked very hard to deliver the new update. After weeks of intense work, patch 1.3 has just landed, bringing 61 achievements to the game that you can hunt for. They will provide further challenges and hopefully encourage you to explore even more. In addition, it brings bug fixes and improvements to the game itself. Last but not the lease, we have introduced the concept of travel costs and piloting license, to increase realism a little. Solar system will no longer seem as a flat list of missions available in one spot. Mission location will have to be considered when selecting a new assignment. For practical reasons, travel will not be expensive in the game, but it’s still a factor.

Full patch notes:
  • added Steam achievements
  • added piloting license and travel costs
  • fixed issues with mouse cursor not properly hidden and restored while looking around
  • added variety to starting orbit position (daytime) for many missions
  • improved visuals for Jupiter
  • fixed some issues with Neptune rendering
  • slight adjustments to visuals for Mars
  • smoothed animation of asteroids
  • adjusted text padding on object identification hint

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Have fun,
Atomic Jelly