Steam Game Festival Space Mechanic Simulator Demo

Hello Space Mechanics!

We have great news for you! Space Mechanic Simulator Demo is now available at the Steam Game Festival. February 3rd to Feb 9th at 10am PDT (19:00 CET) you will have a chance to check our new demo and find out what it is like to be a Space Mechanic.

The version you were given to play does not contain many elements that will appear in the final game. The full version will give you the opportunity to perform repairs on complex mechanisms with a total pool of 250 different parts. You will also learn how to operate a space rover and many more features.

We encourage you to check out the Demo and share your variable feedback about it on the Steam forums!

Space Mechanic Simulator Demo is still a work in progress and may not represent the final look and feel of the game.

Have Fun! Remember to share your feedback with us!
Atomic Jelly