Train Mechanic Simulator 2024 Developer Update #2 – New toys

Hello Train Mechanics!

We welcome you to another entry, from the world of Train Mechanic Simulator 2024. Your enthusiasm and feedback have been invaluable, and we’ve been hard at work implementing features that will bring this game to life. Here’s some more information about what’s going on in the project.

Fully Functional Mobile Crane

In response to your requests, we’ve squeezed extra development time to add a mobile crane, at this stage of development. You will be able to lift, move, and manipulate heavy components with precision. Get ready to take your locomotive repairs to new heights!

Couplers and Bumpers for Locomotives

The couplers and bumpers on locomotives are now functional. This means you can now perform intricate shunting maneuvers and seamlessly transfer steam locomotives from the yard to the workshop.

Introducing the Winch

Turntable too short to fit both a broken steam locomotive and your shunting locomotive? No problemo! We have added the winch that allows you to tow defective locomotives without the need for a shunting locomotive. Say goodbye to size restrictions on turntables and embrace the flexibility to plan your operations more freely.

Continued work on quality

In our commitment to realism and immersion, we continue to improve. We put emphasis on making the world feel physical and immersive, expect visually stunning details. Traffic lights along the route have been completely adapted to the real regulations and work as they do in real life.

As always, your feedback has been instrumental in shaping Train Mechanic Simulator 2024. We appreciate your passion and dedication to making this game better. Your input is invaluable, so keep those suggestions coming on Discord, and let’s continue this journey together.

Thank you for being part of the Train Mechanic Simulator community. Get ready for an even more immersive and satisfying gameplay experience in the months to come!

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See you next time,
Train Mechanic Simulator 2024 Team