Truck Mechanic: Dangerous Paths Dev Diary #38

Hello, Truck Mechanics!

Welcome to our next Truck Mechanic: Dangerous Paths development post. We are very excited to be back and to share more info about the development status. Check out what we’ve been working on lately.

In recent weeks we have done some map cleanup, all so that you don’t accidentally find levitating branches or grass. Maps look better visually and are richer in flora. And additionally they are better optimized.

We also want to share with you another mechanic that will help you when you are having a hard time on the road. Wooden planks will help you drive through problematic terrain full of potholes and mud. Trust us, it’s gonna be tough – you will need every single one of them.

As always, we encourage you to actively comment and share your feedback with us. Remember that all the screenshots, videos shown above are from a WIP build, they don’t reflect the final version of the game.

See you next time!