Truck Mechanic: Dangerous Paths – Prologue Update 1.1.0


First, we would like to thank you for all the comments and feedback you have given us since the launch of Prologue. Thanks to it, we have been able to eliminate some problems in the game, and we know in which areas we should still focus more. The fruit of your reports is today’s patch featuring a large number of fixes.


– Visual update for the Twin Lakes map.
– Engine sound has been improved.
– Toggle sprint/crouch is a thing now.
– We added crouch animation.
– A mini-game during mechanic missions has been improved.


– Fixed a bug which made it impossible to gain achievements.
– Fixed an issue that caused mouse slow down after closing the game.
– Fixed a problem with the truck’s power preventing it from going up steep hills.
– Fixed the problem with non-working dialogues in the avalanche event after loading a checkpoint.
– Improved dialog translations.
– Fixed a problem with the allowing you to fall out of it.
– Fixed an issue where the system was not correctly detecting a fixed part in mechanic mode.
– Indicators in the workshop are now translated.
– The locations on the minimap are now translated.
– We have reduced the amount of dialogue spoken by Bart when idling.
– We fixed an issue that was causing problems when changing winch key binding.
– Fixed issues causing fatal errors on some hardware configurations.
– We have improved the stability of the game.
– Fixed levitating objects on the map.
– Fixed an issue that caused dialogs to loop endlessly.



Thank you
Atomic Jell