Update 1.2.5

Update 1.2.5

We have been working very hard on some fixes and new improvements for 303 Squadron: Battle of Britain. We are happy to announce that the most requested feature – full joystick support has been added to the game. We have also updated killcam locations and wings break off points for Bf 109. Fuel tanks were added as a new hit zone, and we have put some interesting notes on the airfield. Of course beside that we have made some smaller fixes that will improve your gameplay experience.

– Added engine fuel flooding
– Added notes to airfield level
– Added new in-air overload effects
– Added built-in support for gamepads and joysticks.
– Added Fuel tanks as new hit zone

– Killed gunners stop shooting
– Updated killcam locations and wings break off points for Bf 109 wings
– Player start locations changed
– Some NPCs locations have been changed – start of an overhaul work
– Airfield lighting changed significantly (now we can start thinking about lighting scenarios and weather conditions for different days)
– Right wing in the Casino building now open
– Split up keybindings UI into separate tabs.
– Realistic and Arcade game modes will now have separate keybindings.

– Added missing translations
– Fixed interaction with pillow and hawker hurricane
– Added Fuel tanks as new hit zone

Please restore your keybindings to default in all sections.

Once again, we would like to thank you for your feedback.

AJ Team

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