Update 1.2.6

Update 1.2.6

Hello Pilots, today we have some new fixes and improvements for the game. We have added a gyro gunsight to the hurricane. Fixed some keybinding bugs, improved runtime detection of joysticks and controllers, added name tags for our ally pilots. We have also made some visual tweaks on airfield map.

– Added Gyrogunsight to player hurricane

– Added keybinding option to configure combinations of multiple keys.
– Added more detailed dead zones configuration in keybindings.
– Added runtime detection of joysticks and controllers.
– Keybinding options will now display key’s device name.
– Improved mission scenarios and adding pilot names for ally planes
– Visual tweaks on Airfield map

– Fixed missing key names of disconnected devices in keybinding options.
– Fixed issues with keybinding dead zones.
– Fixed keybindings not correctly detecting controller POV direction buttons.
– Fixed ‘unpause’ in options menu
– Fixed NPC indicators

Once again, we would like to thank you for your continued feedback.

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