Truck Mechanic: Dangerous Paths Dev Diary #87

Hello Truck Mechanics!

Welcome to another developer post, in which we’ll cover some news about Truck Mechanic: Dangerous Paths.

Maps improvements

Our overriding goal is to make you drive in the course of carrying out various orders, and you will derive great satisfaction from what you see on the road. Our level designers are flooding maps with new content and expanding the existing infrastructure so that as you go, the world will be more complete and significantly more interesting. On one, you’ll find multiple logging sites, on another research stations, on others a small old airfield, as well as a complex system of mines. Each will be different, and will force a slightly different approach.

Building Narrative

Narrative in the game Truck Mechanic: Dangerous Truck is a fundamental element that not only guides the player through the fascinating world of the game, but also creates depth and emotional engagement. In our approach to building narrative, we put a strong emphasis on the interaction between the player and the game world through hundreds of dialogues and reactions of the main character.

Its implementation allows us to create a rich and dynamic world where each conversation can uncover new secrets, develop the plot, or introduce the player to new challenges. Dialogues not only provide information but also build the relationship between Bart and the player.

Bart is a key element of our narrative. His reactions to the situations he finds himself in are varied. Whether he is in an exciting repair or a quiet moment of reflection near an epic view, the main character will react in a way that corresponds to his personality and experiences.

Additionally, our hero will react to changes in the environment and to where he is located. This may include different comments about the surrounding scenery or more subtle reactions to changing weather conditions or the time of day.

All of these elements build a deeper and more immersive game world that encourages the player to further explore and engage with the story. Through extensive narrative, dialogues, and reactions of the main character.

Side Quests

As you traverse through lands, you’ll stumble upon local predicaments that may seem trivial but harbor immense potential. Side missions not only enrich your experience but also pave the way for greater challenges ahead.

Engaging in these tasks not only rewards you with handsome compensation but also earns you reputation points with the locals. These points are crucial for unlocking main missions, ensuring a satisfying, intriguing, and demanding progression system. We’ve balanced gameplay to ensure that you derive equal enjoyment from both transport missions and the grander main quests, where not every challenge involves repairing something. Just as you witnessed in the prologue, narrative threads are of utmost importance to us.

Stay tuned for more updates and keep on trucking! If you like what you see, consider adding Truck Mechanic to your Steam Wishlist!

Add the game to your Steam Wishlist 🙂

Happy wrenching,
Atomic Jelly