Train Mechanic Simulator 2024 Developer Update #3

Hello Train Mechanics!

Welcome to the next developer update. We have some big news today.

Introducing BR 52 series locomotive

The time has come to reveal the first locomotive that you will get in the upcoming demo version of the game. The DRB Class 52 was a mass-produced locomotive during the Second World War, and it became a very popular basis for locomotives used all around Europe. With well over, 7000 of such locomotives built, well over 4000 continued to serve for decades after the war. Nearly 23 meters (75 ft) long, this 76-ton locomotive is capable of reaching speeds up to 80 km/h (50 mph). It is known under many names across various countries: Belgian Type 26, Bulgarian Class 15, Czech and Slovakian Type 555, German Class 52, Hungarian Class 520, Norwegian Class 63, Polish Class Ty2, Romanian Class 150, Russian Class TE, Turkish Class 56501, or Yugoslavian Class 33.

We had the opportunity to visit the steam locomotive depot in Jarocin and witness the TY2, Poland’s counterpart to the DRB Class 52, firsthand. We’ve compiled our own photo and video documentation, which we’re utilizing for model preparation. We extend our gratitude to the Towarzystwo Kolei Wielkopolskiej for granting us access to the facility.

Making of BR 52 – our pain is your entertainment

Making a locomotive for a train driving game is a big task, but making a locomotive that a player can take apart is a project of its own. For this reason, we have chosen a unique approach to modeling our locomotives. Instead of making the entire model in modeling software, we make many parts separately and then assemble them – much like it would happen in a real factory. We developed specialized tools to work directly with technical drawings. We start by painting an outline on top of the drawing, which will then be automatically converted to 3D models with proper dimensions, thickness, curved cutouts, and smoothed-out edges. Each part can then be fine-tuned manually by an artist until finally being automatically textured for use in the game. We have also developed specialized tools for bolts, screws, and rivets, which automatically create holes in plates whenever a bolt or rivet is placed. It’s these kinds of tools that save us a lot of manual work, allowing us to achieve a much higher level of detail, which will certainly show in the game.

Up close and personal with 76 tons of steel

It is our goal to create an immersive experience. We want you to be able to walk beneath the locomotive and inspect it with a flashlight in your hand. We want you to be able to disassemble every single part, look inside cylinders, boilers, or smokeboxes. And with the introduction of paint schemes, you could repaint locomotives based on templates or even by repainting a single bolt individually if that is your wish. We are still working on this locomotive and all the technology necessary to bring it to life, but in the meantime, we have also worked tirelessly on many other aspects of the game.

As always, your feedback has been instrumental in shaping Train Mechanic Simulator 2024. We appreciate your passion and dedication to making this game better. Your input is invaluable, so keep those suggestions coming on Discord, and let’s continue this journey together.

Thank you for being part of the Train Mechanic Simulator community. Get ready for an even more immersive and satisfying gameplay experience in the months to come!

Your blue girlfriend just got a new makeup

Our shunting locomotive has been updated with additional details and a cabin interior. You will be able to get inside and walk around the cabin while you drive. The locomotive will be controlled directly with a keyboard or gamepad, but the controls in the cabin are interactive, and you can use them as well. Additionally, there is a picture-in-picture mode, where you can see and operate cabin controls even when you’re in external view.

You can’t repair what you can’t see

Speaking of external views – there is a camera system in the game that helps you get better view angles when working with vehicles and devices. The shunting locomotive has cameras that help you with positioning for coupling, the forklift has a camera that makes it easy to pick up things, and cranes have additional cameras to give you a good overview of the work area. There are also a few cinematic cameras added, and more will come.

Continued work on 3D models

We have recently completed our work on the turntable model. It is 28 meters long and has enough clearance from the roundhouse to fit something even bigger, for as long as the wheelbase does not exceed the length of the turntable itself. The stationary crane inside the roundhouse has also been updated to fit the visual style of the game. It also received a proper set of controls and cameras.

As always, your feedback has been instrumental in making Train Mechanic Simulator 2024. We appreciate your support. Your input is invaluable, so keep those suggestions coming on!

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