We’re extremely excited to announce our next big project – Truck Mechanic: Dangerous Paths.

Get behind the wheel of your truck, challenge yourself and be challenged by some of the most treacherous paths.

Truck Mechanic: Dangerous Paths challenges you to transport huge variety of goods using your excellent driving skills, on South American wilderness. Contracts are getting more profitable as you get more reputation, each allowing you to improve your cash balance, upgrade or customize your truck. Take care, though, and watch the road, as accidents and involuntary pit stops cause more problems than simply making your clients mad. If you have no choice, just leave the cabin and make some temporary repairs, refuel frequently whenever possible.
And most importantly, remember that there are many paths leading to your destination.
The most dangerous South America paths are waiting for you!

Embark on the most exciting adventure of your life and test your driving skills on the world’s toughest roads.

Personalize and upgrade!
Your truck doesn’t have to be boring, go to the garage and make it your own. No one can forbid you to look fancy.

Get out of the cab and fix it!
Being in a stalemate you can always leave your cab and try to fix your problems with a few basic tools.

Gain the trust of the locals!
By gaining the trust of the local people, whether it’s the look of your truck or your reputation, you can unlock special orders and perhaps better fuel prices.

Stay in touch with others!
Remember that you have a CB radio with you and in case of bigger problems do not hesitate to call for help, try to inform your colleagues about problems on the road, and they will certainly repay you in the future.

Sometimes you have to take a step back in order to make two steps forward.
You have to be creative without it, you will not be able to overcome many obstacles on your way. You never know when the ground will slip on your path. Look for alternatives!

Orders don’t grow on trees, check the trading points and petrol stations for the most profitable ones.

Key Features:

  • Load and unload goods by yourself
  • Perform minor repairs on the road
  • Improve, service and change the look of your truck
  • Living South America ecosystem
  • High level of realism
  • Dynamic weather system and day and night cycle
  • Diversified terrain obstacles
  • Possibility to drive on the most difficult routes in the world
  • Working CB Radio

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