Shopkeeper Trailer

We are very excited to show you the trailer made by us for Shopkeeper game.


Arrange – Move – Set up
As an employee, you must ensure that the products are appropriately displayed on the shelves. Remember to fill in the gaps, put the goods to the appropriate alleys and adjust prices.

Sale time!
Depending on the upcoming circumstances, make sales to attract customers and change the exhibitions. Try to sell more needed products that will bring more profit in the given period.

Broom is the answer
Customers honor the cleanliness and tidiness of both the entire store and the staff. Take care to eliminate ubiquitous dirt quickly. Everything must be clean, because the officials will fall into control.

The customer always comes first
Every customer is important, even the one who stinks horribly, of course if he pays for the goods. If not take matters into your own hands and kick him out of the store.

Monitoring cameras
Remember that there is a monitoring system installed in the shop, which allows you to closely follow the actions of your customers. While catching someone red-handed, do not wait for the police, grab a baseball bat and gently show him the exit.

Would you join me at the counter nr 1

Try not to ruin your business! Prove to everyone around you that you were born for this job! Next, please!!

Key Features:

  • Arrange the goods on the shelves
  • Change the shelf exposition depending on the occasion
  • Provide customer service
  • Plan sales
  • Keep the store clean
  • Fight with thieves
  • Use monitoring

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