303 Squadron: Battle of Britain leaves Early Access into a Full Release

This is a memorable day for us, as developers and great fans of the history, our game, our tribute to the heroes of the WWII has been finally released. 303 Squadron: Battle of Britain leaves Early Access, from now on you will be able to play a complete game stuffed with some new features. We hope that you will enjoy our game, and that it will be a surprising and pleasant experience for you. 1.3 is a big one so read the patch notes carefully – a lot has changed.

– Added Spitfire mechanic
– Added Spitfire
– Added Morale Bonus tasks system to improve allies performance during mission
– Added additional languages to the game
– New animations: sweep, looking through binoculars, gesture animations for sitting NPC’s
– Steam Trading Cards, badges, Emoticons, Profile Backgrounds have been added
– Your saves will be uploaded to Steam Cloud

– Improved airfield storyline with new VO’s and overall composition
– Northot base has been revamped
– Added new London map
– Added some new activities in Northold base

– Fixed memory leaks caused by kill cam
– Fixed enemy aircraft gunners not firing
– Fixed some minor bugs and glitches

Once again, we would like to thank you for your feedback and support.