Update 1.2.8

Update 1.2.8

Today’s 303 Squadron: Battle of Britain update has added a lot of new changes. We have unlocked the whole airport, enabled Steam overlay in game, added gore option to gameplay settings and fixed some bugs with the keybindings. Killcam has been improved so you will have better experience with the game. Last but not least we have added some achievements for you to unlock.

– Enabled Steam overlay in game
– We have unlocked the airport
– Steam Achievements


– Added gore option to gameplay settings
– Improved killcam

– Fixed some input multiplier not working for some keybindings
– Fixed significantly different scale of input values of some keybindings

Once again, we would like to thank you for your continued feedback and support.

PS. PLS RESET YOUR KEYBINDINGS in the option menu!

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