Space Mechanic Simulator: Prologue Patch 1.2.6

Hello Space Mechanics!

Update 1.2.6 is here. We have added some Quality of Life improvements, and needed fixes.

Full patch notes:
– adjustments to planet texturing
– HUB and service station markers now merge into single shuttle marker when further away
– mission objects now also have markers, except for station in last mission which did not need it
– Labels displayed on HUB are now more compact
– main crosshair only shows on HUB while in fly mode. It is also removed for Mars rover
– fly away button in corner of HUD no longer lets mouse clicks through
– adjusted astronaut inertia and mouse sensitivity during repairs. Also made mouse sensitivity during repairs scale with field of view
– mouse cursor does not move when looking around – it stays where it was left by player
– mouse cursor is confined to game window only in full screen window and exclusive full screen modes
– removed unused UI control bindings
– controls binding panel now warns about existing bindings when rebinding, allowing to abort button overwrite
– Quick load button can now be used from main menu, with the exception of exit screen and graphics options confirmation screen
– fixed bug when binding new keys could also trigger those keys – like quick load or escape (close of UI panel)
– while connecting cables, game will automatically switch to screwdriver if player wants to tighten or loose a screw that locks cable port
– all objects that can be moved by hand no longer require to put away current tool
– fixed bug that caused fusion cell in first mission to be highlighted too soon
– notification now shows on screen after quick save
– fixed bug causing Palmtop not to use buttons actually assigned in controls menu, but default bindings only
– fixed bug causing HUD popup labels show after loosing connection to rover
– fixed bug that made scrolling conversation list in repair mode change camera FOV at the same time
– added name of person talking to narrative panel
– new icon for drone on narrative panel
– additional popup confirmation when aborting mission
– new loading screens

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Have a good one!
Atomic Jelly Team