Space Mechanic Simulator: Prologue Patch 1.2.5

Hello Space Mechanics!

After a short while, the first patch for the prologue is here, introducing quite a few improvements.

Change log:

– better highlights for PLC devices and cables
– fixed missing name for PLC programmer ports
– fixed incorrect electric box cover highlights while closing box
– fixed bug with tutorial window alpha not applied properly to highlighted texts and not recovering properly
– fixed clicking range and angles on gate buttons in 2nd mission
– added additional gate buttons in 2nd mission, allowing to open and close gate from inside
– doubled astronaut’s slow-down strength
– decreased drone mass from 80 kg to 40 kg (astronaut weight with full equipment is 120 kg)
– added service station sounds and light indicators
– changed HUB screen light in Eagle Millennium spaceship to a bit more realistic setting
– made vent sound louder in 2nd mission
– drone actually flies to recharge in tutorial mission when he says so
– fixed missing translations in graphics options menu
– fixed missing distance to target in Ukrainian and Russian languages
– fixed wrong text shadow on difficulty setting popup message
– fixed button lay outing issue of exit screen

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Have a good one!
Atomic Jelly Team