Space Mechanic Simulator Developer Insights #20

Hello, Space Mechanics!

As always we have some fresh new information about Space Mechanic Simulator development progress to share.

As every week, we have for you a video showcasing the repair of quite large size elements of the space station. As you can see it will not be an easy task. With the help of several tools, such as scanner, drone, you will be able to locate and repair defects faster. There is nothing to prevent you from disassembling everything by hand and looking for a fault this way.

Special indicators will help you more or less point out where you should look for broken parts. The rest is up to you.

We’d like to thank everyone once more for supporting us and sharing your feedback on our forums, social networks. Remember that all the recordings, screenshots shown above are from a WIP build they don’t reflect the final version of the game.

That is it for today.
See you next time!