Truck Mechanic: Dangerous Paths Dev Diary #21

Hello, Truck Mechanics!

We are very happy to welcome you to the next Truck Mechanic: Dangerous Paths Dev Diary. In which we discuss the progress of our work on the game from the past weeks.

Another portion of soundtrack from our composer’s hand. As we have already mentioned, our goal was to prepare music that falls into your ears, will not be monotonous in the long run and every time you will start your repair or new drive you will be eager to listen to it.

We want to share with you some more details we care about from the beginning of the creation process.

We would like to point out that we will soon show you much more interesting things like an actual gameplay.

As always we encourage you to actively comment and share your feedback with us. Remember that all the screenshots shown above are from a WIP build they don’t reflect the final version of the game.

See you next time!
Stay Safe