Space Mechanic Simulator is out!

Hi, Space Mechanics the long-awaited day is here!

Space Mechanic Simulator just LAUNCHED!

Get ready for an exciting experience in Space Mechanic Simulator!  Embark on a journey through the cosmos, fixing spacecraft and exploring the wonders of space.

About the game

In Space Mechanic Simulator, players are thrust into the role of a space mechanic tasked with repairing and maintaining various mechanical and electric devices across the Solar System.

Unlike typical mechanic games, almost every component in this game is simulated, ensuring a satisfying level of realism and challenge. From diagnosing problems using tools and schematics to executing repairs in zero gravity or in the depths of planetary darkness, players will experience the intricacies of space maintenance firsthand.


If you encounter any problems report them in the designated section by following the form. You can also report on our Discord server.

Happy fixing
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