Space Mechanic Simulator Update 1.0.1

Hello Space Mechanics!

Today we have an important one made for the most significant issues. Thank you for your valuable feedback. Once again, we apologize for the problems.

Full patch notes:
  • fixed issues with mouse cursor emulation on controllers
  • fixed issue with controller axis inversion
  • added small drag to astronaut movement while in repair mode (in free flight there is still full inertia)
  • changed default deadzone setting from 2% to 8% to prevent less accurate controllers generating false movement (and false cursor movement)
  • added option to skip quiz in tutorial
  • fixed bug in one of tutorials where player would be told to go to one panel, while objective marker would show on a different panel
  • fixed wrong tutorial text, telling player to scan pipe TST-1 twice instead of TST-1 first, then TST-2
  • added a few more paths in campaign to unlock certain missions on Uranus and Neptune, making them available through more than one specific mission order
  • corrected errors and typos reported by players
  • updated several stations, improving the arrangement of demountable elements
  • fixed problems with PLCs not being repairable with an error preventing software updates.
  • fixed several non-functioning PLCs not getting power.
  • corrected the alignment of QR code plates for some installations
  • fixed the error of missing schematics of some stations and satellites
  • fixed a bug of missing data after scanning pipes
  • fixed a bug causing gates to disappear from inventory after being removed from stations

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