Space Mechanic Simulator: Prologue Patch 1.2.7

Hello Space Mechanics!

Patch 1.2.7 is up. We’ve fixed the problems you reported. We’ve improved optimization, and we have made a lot of needed improvements.

Full patch notes:

  • Improved performance on Mars surface mission
  • Updated Rover physics
  • Added auto reset when Rover is stuck on objects
  • Fixed bug with parts not being highlighted properly, even blocking part, then needed to be accessed to finalize mission
  • Added “Skip” button, allowing player to ignore message that mission cannot be finalized and proceed to next mission regardless
  • Fixed bug causing crushes on older AMD CPU
  • Fixed bug causing player dialog to loop endlessly
  • General stability fixes
  • Fixed a rare bug, causing game to freeze while changing the keybindings
  • Small UI improvements
  • Flipped two loading screen screenshots to look better

As a remainder, we are still working on the full game. If you got any ideas, we invite to talk about them on our Discord or Steam page.


Thank you for your support!
Atomic Jelly