Space Mechanic Simulator – Prologue PLAYTESTS ARE NOW OPEN!

Hello Space Mechanics!

It’s here -Space Mechanic Simulator – Prologue Playtests are now open. We hope, you are as excited as we are. We have made every effort to make the new version of the game more interesting, complete, and better in any way. We’ll be very happy to hear from you on our Discord and Steam about your first impressions, things you would like us to change, features you like, and stuff you didn’t like so much.

Playtests goal?

Your voice matters and we want you to take part in making the game the best it can be. Every little bit of feedback helps. With your help, we’ll be able to catch the game’s biggest issues and work on them, to make the game even better.


Playtests do not contain all the content of the Prologue. Which means that additional stuff, more exciting missions, and the whole story will be available for you in the Prologue on its release.

After playing, we encourage you to fill out our survey which will allow us to understand your expectations about our game even better:

Share Your Experience

Please share your feedback on our Discord, Steam, or at You are free to discuss openly and create content about any gameplay experiences you have during playtests.

Share Your Content on Social

Whether it’s fan art, broadcasts, guides, screenshots, or video content, we can’t wait to see it. Follow us on Social Media and use #SMSPlay for a chance to have your creations shared on our official channels.

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Need Help?

If you experience any technical issues accessing or playing Space Mechanic Simulator – Prologue Playtest, please visit our Discord/Steam where our team is ready to help troubleshoot any issues you encounter.

The playtests are not the final version of the game, so a lot will still change based on your feedback – keep that in mind while playing.

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Have a good one!
Atomic Jelly Team