Space Mechanic Simulator – Prologue PLAYTESTS Patch 1.1.3

Hello Space Mechanics!

First of all, we want to thank you for the amazing feedback. Thanks to it, we have prepared a sizable patch with a lot of fixes for the problems you notified us about. The priority was to improve lighting, increase the amount of oxygen and energy in your spacesuits, and inventory bug causing the items not to show correctly. Work on further improvements is underway.

Change log:

– increased flashlight strength and range
– fixed bug causing quick inventory not to show items correctly
– quick inventory sorting
– fixed missing temperature changes on elements
– tutorial panel now has auto-fit to text and is now positioned at the bottom of HUD
– fixed bug, when reloading save during cutscene would still play the cutscene, before resuming game from save
– fixed progress bar graphics on palmtop
– fixed clicking and flickering issues on palmtop screen
– improved rendering precision for IR camera screen
– added additional objective marker during IR camera tutorial for measurement mode
– increased visibility of quick inventory scrollbar
– increased visibility of flashlight indicator on HUD
– decreased oxygen usage rate by 50%
– decreased energy usage rate by 70%
– fixed bug causing oxygen, energy and suit fuel to be restored on game load
– fixed astronaut’s age field in personal information, so that only numbers can be entered
– light coming from planet surface affects object lighting
– internal lights in shuttle cargo bay, making it easy to spot in the dark
– flashlight texture for nicer lighting visuals
– updated cutscene at opening of last mission
– fixed issue with Moon not receiving light properly
– LED lights on PLC controllers are now working and indicating controller state

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Atomic Jelly Team