303 Squadron: Battle of Britain Update 1.4.2

Throughout the last weeks we have been working very hard on the update 1.4.2. New patch brings some needed improvements. Spitfire is now available in the custom mission. We have implemented some cool new loading screens for bigger immersion. There are some new visuals, new option menu for the custom missions. We have also fixed some annoying bugs. We encourage you to share your insights about the game, on Steam Discussions. Have fun with the new patch!

– Added mission-specific loading screens
– Added Spitfire to custom mission
– Added mission-specific background images to campaign replay menu
– Added custom mission level to main menu
– Moved custom mission to office near main hangar
– Added gameplay options to mission start UI
– Improved projectile visuals.
– Improved Spitfire rate of fire and firing effects
– Added a new officer cap
– Fixed airfield progress not always being saved to save game file
– Fixed temperature counters in custom missions
– Fixed sharp lake edges when viewed from distance on some graphic cards
– Fixed bicycle blocker near main hangar
– Fixed collision detection in custom mission
– Fixed some Spitfire mechanic components not affecting player aircraft in flight missions.

Atomic Jelly