Space Mechanic Simulator Update 1.0.2

Hello Space Mechanics!

Patch 1.0.2 brings some crucial fixes to the “rotating planet” bug making it impossible to fire the game and many more. Thx for your continues support, next updates are on the way. At the moment, we no longer have any serious bugs on the list, so we are focusing on the diagnostic missions you requested.

Full patch notes:
  • fixed issue causing main menu not to appear on some systems
  • fixed issue that could require player to save and reload tutorial mission before he could finalize it
  • updated batteries – now have working charge and possibility of measuring voltage directly on battery
  • updated simulation of electric motors, making more parts damageable and having effect on motor function
  • fixed bug causing aborted missions incorrectly showing as completed
  • fixed some more translations
  • fixed non-functioning PLC not getting power
  • improved the positioning of some pipe holders so that the screws can be removed with ease

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