Space Mechanic Simulator: Prologue launched!

Hello Space Mechanics!

The Prologue is finally here after many months of hard work – Space Mechanic Simulator: Prologue is now available for you to play!

What is a FREE prologue?

Space Mechanic Simulator: Prologue is a kind of introduction to the world of space mechanics, where you will master the basics of your profession. You’ll learn how to make quick decisions, manage resources, and use high-tech tools provided by AstrOpticon Corporation to help locate and fix almost any malfunction.

We are extremely happy that we delivered the prologue. Thanks for all the suggestions and tons of solid feedback from our previous playtests. We are still open to dialogue and further discussion about the game. If you want to share your opinion, please do so. The more comments, the better we can refine our game. Our goal is to provide a cool adventure with interesting mechanics.

Space Mechanic Simulator: Prologue Features:

Welcome to AstrOpticon

As a rising star of AstrOpticon Corporation, you will discover all the secrets of space mechanics’ craft. You’ll find out how hard it is to repair in zero gravity while keeping a close eye on resources that disappear in the blink of an eye.

Zero Gravity

The gameplay is based on moving in a weightless state using your high-end spacesuit while maintaining your fuel and oxygen levels. Flying using your thrusters is an art that you will have to master, otherwise, you will pay dearly for the resources.


Your interactive HUB will provide the necessary information about your mission status, showcase your license levels, which you will be able to raise over time, and check out a handful of statistics that will help you improve your performance. You will also be able to spend your money on interesting upgrades.

Complex repairs

Complex repairs require sophisticated tools. Therefore, as an employee of AstrOpticon Corporation, you have access to the latest technological advances, including an orbital screwdriver, magnetic wrench, high-end oscilloscope, gauge, or even an IR scanner. All of them will help to perform serious repairs.

Astro 0221 reports for duty

During the course of the game, you will come across devices with hundreds of parts. You will face hydraulic problems and examine electrical boxes in search of the proper voltage.

The beauty of Space

The story of prologue takes place on the orbits of Earth and Mars. You will also be able to visit the surface of the red planet with the most advanced rover. Admiring the scenery is an added benefit of this work.

The prologue is FREE!