Space Mechanic Simulator – Prologue PLAYTESTS Patch 1.1.4

Hello Space Mechanics!

Today we have another one, including some needed fixes based on your feedback – mainly focusing on the IR camera and tutorial messages. Thank you once again for your reports.

Change log:

– additional tutorial messages in some places that could be confusing to player
– fixed IR camera measurement mode
– fixed minor bug related to IR Camera
– fixed issue with tutorial panel obstructing some mouse clicks near it
– added more dynamism to heat sources in E01M01 (pumps and fusion cell)
– added dynamism to electric devices heat production
– increased text area size on exit screen to contain all the text
– when trying to plug cable to port that is locked, port screw will be highlighted in flashing red and cable insertion attempt animation will be visible
– when trying to unplug cable from port that is locked, port screw will be highlighted in flashing red
– translation improvements
– updated tutorial texts with proper PLC port names
– added missing object designations in back panel of Solar 1 satellite (E01M00), which cased them to use the same generic names, such as “Medium pipe” etc.
– added missing floor to cargo container in E01M02

This is the last patch that will appear for our playtests. Which doesn’t mean we’re done collecting your opinions and feedback. We will continue to do so, please share them with us using our survey. We need some time to assemble the Prologue in its entirety and polish the various gameplay elements.

After playing, we encourage you to fill out our survey which will allow us to understand your expectations about our game even better:

Need Help?

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Have a good one!
Atomic Jelly Team