Space Mechanic Simulator Update 1.0.3

Hello Space Mechanics!

We are working on diagnostics and in the meantime we are releasing an update 1.0.3 with important fixes. We have fixed several minor bugs that prevented correct mission completion, and bugs caused mission objective markers to disappear at the beginning of the job. There is a new slider in AUDIO menu for astronaut breathing sound volume.

Full patch notes:
  • fixed issue that caused one of Saturn missions to always report as aborted
  • fixed issue that caused some missions not to show objectives after reloading game if mission was saved after finishing objectives but before finalization
  • fixed issue that could cause some PLCs not restore their currently loaded programs from save game, forcing player to fix issue again
  • added option to change astronaut breathing volume
  • updated tutorial texts to tell player that he only needs to press reset switch to turn off PLC controller
  • blocked all repairs (not just detaching parts) after mission is finalized (to prevent theft of parts)

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